Candle Holder

Our Himalayan salt candle holders make great additions to the home. Buying the Natural Candle Holder Set allows you to place multiple candle holders throughout a room for a very attractive effect.

Gently breathe and absorb the unique beauty and natural properties of this age old salt crystal. Rev up your romanticism in the incandescent flicker

  • Ideal for your dinner table or place anywhere you want to be surrounded by clean air
  • It makes for a perfect gift
  • The longer you keep the candle burning in the salt crystal holder the better the emission of negative ions


Many restaurants also like our candle holders, as they use them for centerpieces on their tables. As the fire lights the salt crystal, it creates a warm, glowing, healthy ambiance.

The Natural Shape Salt Candle Holder is favorites for this application. The Heart Salt Candle Holder is big for Valentine’s Day and any day among those in love, while the Two Hole Salt Candle Holder is a very unique piece.


Edible SaltEdible Salt

Sian Enterprises manufacturer, processor & exporter of Himalayan Crystal Salt produce all grades of White & Pink Edible Salts. It’s an entirely superb substitute to table salt.

Animal Salt LicksAnimal Salt Licks

We produce and supply premium quality products of animals. Animal Salt Licks are extremely hard which makes them very weather resistant and difficult for animals to bite.

Candle HolderCandle Holder

All Salt Candles are hand mined and hand crafted in a socially and environmentally responsible manner using only the 100% finest Himalayan salt crystals available.

Salt LampsSalt Lamps

Relax in the warm glow of Himalayan Salt Lamp. It is healthy and excellent for a innovative minds. Bring heavenly synchronization to any room with our beautiful salt lamp.

Bath SaltBath Salt

Our mission is to offer the most comprehensive selection of premium bath salts, with an emphasis on superior quality, exceptional value, and outstanding customer service.

Salt TilesSalt Tiles

There so many uses for Himalayan salt tile. Use these beautiful crystal salt bricks to create spectacular architectural features in your living and work space.

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